Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Twin Little Men

I'm not too sure of the hows and the why's
But I'm glad I've been blessed with these little guys

Each little man is wonderful and so unique
They're the same but different so to speak

One has green eyes, the other's eyes are blue
But their hair is the same color, this is true

My twin guys, these handsome little men
Make my heart melt again and again.

Identical But Not The Same

Identical But Not The Same

We're called identical but I can tell you this
We may look alike but I'm not my twin sis

You may get us confused at first glance
But if you look close, we have a different stance

We may have the same shaped fingers and toes 
But look closely, my twin has a thinner nose

It's true not everyone can tell us apart everytime
But back to back, my twin's height is taller than mine

Because we look alike some think we are one and the same
Silly people, there's a reason our parents didn't give us the same name!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

My Twin Sister and Me!

My Twin Sister Is Part Of Me 
And I'm A Part Of She

From the day we were formed, we did see
A wonderful bond that was meant to be

We laugh, we share, we love, we care
We do funny things that make people stare

If it weren't for the love that we share
My life and heart would be so bare

Our bond is as deep as a bond can be
For our love for each other is shared equally

Not a day goes by that we're apart
I love my twin sister with all my heart


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Two Babies To Cherish And Hold

Two babies to love and hold to my chest
Two babies we've added to our nest

Two times the diapers, two times the feedings
Not much time for bedtime readings

Not enough time, not enough sleep
Not enough time to clean my house deep

Days and nights have become a blur
Soon these will be days that were

One thing is for certain, this time will fly fast
Soon it will become memories of our past

Some of these memories we will remember
While others will become dimmer and dimmer

Cherish these memories of babies times two
For you will be blessed for all that you do


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Daddy's Unconditional Love

On the day we arrived and finally did meet
Our Daddy's heart melted to his feet

The love he has for his daughters overflows
Looking forward to days of ribbons and bows

Daddy's twin girls are a blessing times two
His love for us multiplied as we grew and grew

So much to look forward to as we grow
The many stares and glances, you know

As we grow and memories we make
His unconditional love, through our life we will take


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Twin Baby Girls

When we found we were expecting, there was love galore

Then we soon found God Blessed us with one more

With many blessings from above,

The good Lord sent us twin girls to love

Satin and lace, ribbons and curls,

All this and more for our twin little girls

Our love is unconditional and true,

For our twin girls are a blessing times two

Twin Girl, Twin Boy

My twins are a double joy
One little girl, one little boy

My baby girl, she's such a delight
My little star, she shines so bright

My baby boy, he's oh so coy
My little man, my shy little boy

My little lady is precious and sweet
I love to kiss her hands and her feet

My little man is handsome and cute
I love to dress him in a tie and suit

A little smile, a great big grin
Moments like these warm my heart from within

These two babes are my reason for living
The love they share keeps on giving and giving